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Free parent support and resources

to help you raise healthy, happy kids

We help pregnant women
and parents of kids 0-5.

Developmental support for children
Connect to trusted family resources
Dan and kid reading
Learn child development skills for school readiness
Mom and baby
Feel more confident in parenting  & caregiving
Lead Gen Developmental Milestones
Help Me Grow! A guide to fun brain-growth activities
Do you know what activities you can do with your baby to help their brain grow?

Download this FREE resource with tips and fun activities to do with babies birth to 2 years old that help them grow into healthy toddlers!

Click here to download

All parents of young children deserve to have someone they trust for help.

Child and Family Resource Network offers free family support programs throughout nine southwest Iowa counties. Our programs meet either as groups or offer personal support through one-on-one help from family support specialists. Our programs and specialists can help with:

Child and social development skills
Family resources
Development milestones
Nursing support
New parent support

As family support specialists, we’re here to help without judgment.

Our programs either meet in groups or match you with your own family support specialist. Groups meet in central locations or virtually, and our family support specialists meet you in your home or another space where they can get to know you and your children. We listen, understand, and work with you to create skills for helping you feel confident in parenting.

We are child and family support experts.
Getting the help and support you deserve is easy:

Step 1:

Complete the quick, easy online request form.

It only takes a couple minutes to complete and helps us learn a little about your unique family needs. Your information is NOT shared outside of Child and Family Resource Network.

Step 2:

We’ll text, email or call you with the program we recommend.

Based on  the information you offer in the support request form, we find the program with the right support and resources for your needs. They will contact you to set up a time to get to know you.

Step 3:

Your family support program will contact you to get started!

You’ll have a chance to hear about the program, meet your family support specialist and begin the process of helping your family thrive!

Family support specialists offer the support and encouragement you need.

We offer ideas and activities to help with: age-appropriate child development skills; support and resources for your specific parenting or family challenges; referrals to community services for things like diapers, food and financial assistance; and creating realistic goals for a happy family future!  

Madison’s son, Levi, was born with physical challenges. Their Family Support Specialist is also a nurse who helps Madison with Levi and other support resources.

Some people will judge the way you parent, or if your kid is messy, or if your house is a mess or anything, but they don't care because they understand that it's hard being a parent, and things get messy, and not everything is always perfect. And they make me feel completely comfortable with everything.

- Madison

Mom and baby


About Child and Family Resource Network

This network is an initiative of Thriving Families Alliance, which coordinates local efforts to ensure families and children and the support and opportunities they need to thrive.

Child and Family Resource Network really cares and they’re there to help.

- James, Julie and their sons.

Happy family
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