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About Us

About Child and Family Resource Network

Erika Jordan and Carrie

Child and Family Resource Network connects pregnant women or couples, and parents of children ages 0-5 years, to free family support services.

All services are provided by our compassionate, dependable family support specialists who want to listen, offer knowledgeable advice, and help with resources for parenting success. We approach every family without judgment and focus on connecting you to the right support services that build your confidence in raising healthy, happy kids.

Meet the Child and Family Resource Network Administrative Team:

 Carrie Powders
Carrie Powders

Network Coordinator

Carrie serves as our Network Coordinator, focusing on helping to identify the perfect programs to help families in southwest Iowa receive the support they need. Carrie’s extensive background as a service coordinator means she listens and understands well, is talented at identifying appropriate referrals, and has gained a strong understanding of available community resources.

When Carrie's not helping to connect families to support services, she enjoys long walks and spending time with her new grandson, sons and two dogs. She lives in Council Bluffs with her husband, Joe.

Areas of focus:

  • Family support service referrals in Pottawattamie & Montgomery counties

  • Family support specialist visitation programs

Erika Kirchhoff
Erika Kirchhoff

Network Outreach Coordinator

Erika has 15 years of experience with home visitations and five years of trauma and resilience education, which helps her coordinate outreach and advocacy efforts for family support programs. She also helps facilitate Parent Cafe groups. Erika holds a bachelor’s in Human Services.

Outside of supporting Child and Family Resource Network, Erika loves to read, spend time outside and attend any of her four kids’ activities. She lives near Griswold with her husband, Ryan.

Areas of focus:

  • Family support outreach and advocacy

  • Parent Cafe facilitation

 Jordan Morse
 Jordan Morse

Early Childhood Coordinator

As a trained Social Worker, Jordan spent eight years as the Child and Family Resource Network Intake and Referral Specialist before accepting the role as Early Childhood Coordinator. Now, Jordan monitors the contracts of Network programs throughout nine southwest counties to ensure they achieve and maintain high quality standards in service. She also oversees the training, management and operations between all Network partners.

Jordan enjoys relaxing by listening to music, baking or spending time with her family (and five children!). She lives in Council Bluffs with her husband, kids and kitten, Binx.

Areas of focus:

  • Monitors funding and/or board requirements

  • Member of the statewide Continuous Quality Improvement team

  • Contract monitoring for meeting and exceeding quality standards

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