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It Takes A Village!

Welcome to It Takes A Village!: A blog for families brought to you by the Child and Family Resource Network. Our hope is that you will find an answer you have been looking for, encouragement, strength to reach out for help, or new supports in your community.

What do we mean by “It takes a village”? This is a quote often listed as an African Proverb. The phrase “it takes a village” cannot be traced back to any specific region in Africa. However, it is a common concept in African cultures meaning an entire community of people provide for and interact positively with children, so all children experience and grow in safe and healthy environments. This idea challenges us all. It challenges us in our own families to find ways to positively interact with our children and give them safe spaces to grow. It also challenges us as a community to support each other in providing safe and healthy environments so all children and families can thrive.

Imagine the impact on our communities, our future generations, and our world if we all try to be the village for the children around us! Let’s be the village for our community because it truly does take everyone working together!

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