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When a Parenting Group Can Be Helpful...

It truly takes a village, not just for the child, but sometimes for the adults too.
  • Have you ever thought “Am I the only one who deals with my child throwing a temper tantrum?” or “Am I the only one who gets frustrated when nothing seems to work out for our family?”

  • What about “Is it normal for my newborn to want to be held all the time?” or “Why is my toddler so busy?”

  • Do you ever wonder “Am I a good parent?” or “Am I doing the best that I can for my child?”

  • Do you feel alone in parenting without someone to ask questions or you feel judged by your family if you ask a question?

  • Did you recently have a new baby and are missing talking to other adults?

  • Have you felt like you are only able to listen and don’t get a chance to talk because someone always needs your attention?

If you have parenting questions or just need encouragement, a parenting group or class is perfect for you!

One thing we have learned during the pandemic is the importance of relationships. Without positive relationships, parenting can be hard. Groups and classes for parents or caregivers help build that village for you! Groups are all offered for free in our community and can be your safe space to talk or be heard.

Sometimes it can be hard to attend your first class or group, but after that first time it gets easier! You get more comfortable, get answers to your questions, and start to form relationships with others in the community to start building your village.

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